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Premium Ethical Hacking Notes


Premium Ethical Hacking Notes

Ethical Hacking Notes 50+ Topics

1.Concept of Ethical Hacking

What Is Hacking

Types of hacker

Why hackers hack?

Preventions from hacker

Steps Performed by hackers

Working of an Ethical hacker

2.Email Hacking

How Email Works?

Email service protocols

Email spoofing

PHP Mail sending script

Email Spamming


Prevention from phishing

Email Tracing

Keystroke loggers

Securing Your Email account

3.Windows Hacking and Security

Security Architecture of Windows…

Windows user account Architecture…

Cracking Windows User Account password

Windows User Account Attack

Counter Measures of Windows Attack

To hide a file behind a image

Make a private folder…

To run net user in Vista and Windows 7

Brute Force Attack

Rainbow table attack

Counter Measures for Windows Attack

4.Trojans in Brief

Knowing the Trojan

Different Types of Trojans

Components of Trojans

Mode of Transmission for Trojans

Detection and Removal of Trojans

Countermeasures for Trojan attacks

5.Attacks on web servers and Security

Introduction to Web Servers.

The Basic Process: How Web servers work

Attacks on Web servers

Web Ripping

Google Hacking

Protecting Your Files from Google

Cross Site Scripting (XSS)

Directory Traversal Attack

Database Servers

Login Process on the websites

SQL injection

Input validation on the SQL Injection

PHP Injection: Placing PHP backdoors

Directory Access controls

How Attackers Hide Them While Attacking

Types of Proxy Servers

6.Wireless hacking

Wireless Standards

Services provided by Wireless Networks

MAC address filtering

WEP key encryption

Wireless attacks

MAC spoofing

WEP cracking

Countermeasures for Wireless attacks

7.Mobile Hacking – SMS & Call forging

What Does It Involve

Call Spoofing / Forging

SMS Forging


8.Information gathering and Scanning

Why Information gathering?

Reverse IP mapping

Information Gathering Using Search Engine

Detecting ‘live’ systems on target network

War diallers


What are Sniffers ?

Defeating Sniffers…

Ant Sniff

10.Linux Hacking

Why Linux?

Scanning Networks

Hacking tool Nmap

Password cracking in Linux

SARA (Security Auditor’s Research Assistant)

Linux Root kits

Linux Tools: Security Testing tools

Linux Security Countermeasures

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