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Web Designing and Publishing Syllabus - NIELIT


Web Designing and Publishing Syllabus - NIELIT

Syllabus of Web Designing and Publishing (M2-R5) 

Introduction to Module

This module is designed to start web designing and complete guide of Web Designing and Publishing Syllabus - NIELIT, irrespective of knowledge currently the students have in this area. The businesses, nowadays, are heavily relying on web based applications. The purpose of this module is to provide skill to students in designing layouts of web sites. By the end of this module, students will be able to describe the structure and functionality of the World Wide Web, create web pages using a combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and Angular JS. The students will also learn how to design and integrate multimedia objects in web site. Further, the student will learn how web sites are published.


After completing the module, the student will be able to complete guide in Web Designing and Publishing Syllabus - NIELIT:

1) Design and create effective web pages

2) Integrate graphics in web pages

3) Integrate various tools and techniques like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular JS etc.

4) Design and edit images using tools

5) Embed the images in web pages 

Introduction to Web Design 

After completing this unit, Learner will be able to

1) Know the types of web site.

2) Know the role of front end and back end application.

3) Understand the concept of client side scripting and server side scripting


After completing this unit, learner will be able to

1) Use different editors available for writing code.

2) Understand working of editors.

HTML Basics 

1) After completing this unit, Learner will be able to develop static website using different HTML Controls.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) 

After completing this unit, Learner will be able to understand the

1) Purpose of CSS.

2) Role of CSS in web sites.

3) Roles of effects in Web site

CSS Framework 

After completing this unit, Learner will be able to use CSS Framework to develop web site effectively

JavaScript and Angular JS 

After completing this unit, Learner will be able to complete guide in Web Designing and Publishing Syllabus - NIELIT:

1) Apply client side scripting.

Web Publishing and Browsing

1) The Learner will finally beable to publish the web sites.

Detailed Syllabus

(i) Introduction to Web Design

Introduction of Internet, WWW, Website, Working of Websites, Webpages, Front End, Back End, Client and Server Scripting Languages, Responsive Web Designing, Types of Websites (Static and Dynamic Websites).

(ii) Editors

Downloading free Editors like Notepad++, Sublime Text Editor, Making use of Editors, File creation and editing, saving.

(iii)HTML Basics

HTML: Introduction, Basic Structure of HTML, Head Section and Elements of Head Section, Formatting Tags: Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikethrough, Div, Pre Tag Anchor links and Named Anchors Image Tag, Paragraphs, Comments, Tables: Attributes –(Border, Cellpadding, Cellspacing , height , width), TR, TH, TD, Rowspan, Colspan Lists : Ordered List , Unordered List , Definition List, Forms, Form Elements, Input types, Input Attributes, Text Input Text Area, Dropdown, Radio buttons , Check boxes, Submit and Reset Buttons Frames: Frameset, nested Frames.

HTML 5 Introduction, HTML5 New Elements: Section, Nav, Article, Aside, Audio Tag, Video Tag, HTML5 Form Validations: Require Attribute, Pattern Attribute, Autofocus Attribute, email, number type, date type , Range type, HTML embed multimedia, HTML Layout, HTML Iframe 

(iv) CSS

Introduction to CSS, Types of CSS, CSS Selectors: Universal Selector, ID selector, Tag Selector, Class Selector, Sub Selector, Attribute Selector, Group Selector, CSS Properties: Back Ground properties, Block Properties, Box properties, List properties, Border Properties, Positioning Properties, CSS Lists CSS Tables, CSS Menu Design CSS Image Gallery,

(v) CSS Framework

Web Site Development using W3.CSS Framework, W3.CSS Intro, W3.CSS Colors, W3.CSS Containers, W3.CSS Panels, W3.CSSBorders, W3.CSSFonts, W3.CSS Text, W3.CSS Tables, W3.CSS List, W3.CSSImages, W3.CSS Grid

(vi)JavaScript and Angular JS

Introduction to Client Side Scripting Language, Variables in Java Script, Operators in JS, Conditions Statements, JS Popup Boxes, JS Events, Basic Form Validations in JavaScript. Introduction to Angular JS: Expressions, Modules and Directives. 

(vii) Web Publishing and Browsing

Overview, SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language), Web hosting Basics, Documents Interchange Standards, Components of Web Publishing, Document management, Web Page Design Considerations and Principles, Search and Meta Search Engines, WWW, Browser, HTTP, Publishing Tools. 

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