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What is Google Web Stories? | Google Web Stories Examples


What is Google Web Stories? | Google Web Stories Examples
What is Google Web Stories? | Google Web Stories Examples

What is Google Web Stories

Google Web Stories is interactive, video-first content that creators can use to share information with viewers through tappable pages containing audio, images, and text What is Google Web Stories? | Google Web Stories Examples. The web story format was formerly known as AMP Stories.

Google says the genres that work best with the format are first-person stories, evergreen or updated stories, live stories, educational and experiential stories, and quizzes and polls.

Web stories show up as carousels in standard Google search results and in Google Discover, and you can also add them to newsletters and link them to your social media accounts. The image below shows a web story in Google Discover on the left and Google Search on the right.

Google Web Stories is a visual content format that can be shown across the Internet.

You can find them similar to stories on Instagram in that they allow creators to publish a succession of images, videos, and audios.

Web Stories at Google is powered by AMP technology and on mobile devices uses a full-screen format that features a series of tappable visual slides as a way for users to interact with the content.

These are similar to the story features available on Instagram, Facebook and other platforms; However, the main difference is that Google Web Stories allows you to publish stories on your website for as long as you want. You have complete creative control over your web stories and are able to create visual slideshows using a combination of video, images and text to share your brand's message.

As well as having web stories available on your website, users can also find them in Google searches, through Google Discover, and on Google Image Search. In other words, with Google Web Stories, you can better engage your audience and take advantage of SEO opportunities that are not available on social media platforms.

Benefits of Google Web Stories

Google Web Stories Examples
Google Web Stories Examples

Google Web Stories work differently than stories on other social platforms, and they offer benefits that others can't. Learn more about how using Web Stories can be helpful to your digital marketing strategy!

Wholly owned

As with Stories on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and other social media websites, when it comes to creating, sharing and managing content, you rely on the platform's unique interface. With Google Web Stories, you are in control of the codes and can embed them on your website however you like. Owning your own web stories also allows for cross-platform content creation. When you work to create web stories, you can create valuable story content that can be used anywhere on your website, not just on individual social channels.

fully customizable

The story creation editors that are available for creating Google Web Stories allow you to control every design aspect of your stories and add in other features such as animation. On the other hand, social media platforms that offer stories don't always offer the same level of customization that web stories do, which means that branding opportunities can be limited. For example, Instagram offers only a handful of templates, filters, and font options that you can use when creating stories. Google Web Stories offers a lot of freedom in design.

No time limit

Another beneficial feature of Web Stories is the ability to make them viewable for as long as you want. Most social platforms give stories a limited shelf life, usually only 24 hours. Being able to completely customize your Web Stories and control how long they're viewable just doesn't bode well for branding. It provides even more freedom to create cross-platform content and get the most out of what you create.

Better access

Web stories are not limited to a single platform, so your stories stand a chance to be seen by more people. As with other social media story formats, they can generally only reach people who follow your social accounts. Plus, Google has increased the number of places web stories can be found—such as Google Discover and Google Images—so your exposure isn't limited to just one channel or existing followers.

SEO value

Increasing your chances of getting met through Web Stories is also a great way to boost your SEO. Since web stories are technically their own page and created through a Google platform, you may have a better chance of appearing in a search engine result page (SERP). You can also add links and calls-to-actions to Web Stories, which can help drive traffic to your website.

Sponsored story feature in stories on other social media platforms

Google Search - One way is when you search for information on Google. It directs you to visual stories from different publishers. This can be either in a grid or a single view. A brand can index these stories as a web page that appears when a user searches for content.

Google Images - Stories in Google can also appear in Google Images. You'll be able to identify them with an icon on the bottom right corner of the images, suggesting it's a web story.

Google Discover - You can find stories on Google Discover in carousel format. You will see this if you are in India, Brazil or the United States. You can scroll through the carousel or tap a carousel to learn more about a specific topic.

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