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Money Heist Season 5 Download in Hindi

Money Heist Season 5 Download in Hindi
Money Heist Season 5 Download in Hindi

Money Heist Season 5 Dual Audio Hindi 480p | 720p Download

Season 1: Parts 1 and 2 (2017)

Part 1 begins after a failed bank robbery by a woman named "Tokyo", Money Heist Season 5 Download in Hindi as a man named "Professor" saves her from being caught by the police and offers her a robbery of enormous proportions. After a brief outline of the planned robbery, the story jumps to the start of a multi-day attack on Spain's Royal Mint in Madrid. Eight robbers are named after cities: Tokyo, Moscow, Berlin, Nairobi, Rio, Denver, Helsinki, and Oslo. Clad in red jumpsuits with the mask of Spanish painter Salvador Dali, the group of robbers took 67 hostages as part of their plan to print and escape with € 2.4 billion through a self-made escape tunnel. The professor leads the robbery from an outdoor location. 

Flashbacks throughout the series depict five months of preparation in an abandoned hunting estate in the Toledo countryside; The robbers do not have to share personal information nor engage in personal relationships and the attack will not take place without bloodshed.

Money Heist Season 5 Download in Hindi

During parts 1 and 2, robbers inside the mint have difficulty sticking to pre-determined rules, and face uncooperative hostages, violence, segregation, and rebellion. 

Tokyo narrates the events through voice-over. While the Denver hostage pursues a love affair with Monica Gaztambide, National Police Corps Inspector Rakil Murillo talks with an outside professor and begins an intimate relationship with his alter ego "Salva". 

The professor's identity is close to being revealed repeatedly, until Raqeel realizes his true identity, but is emotionally incapable and unwilling to hand him over to the police. At the end of Part 2, after 128 hours, the robbers successfully flee the mint with € 984 million printed, but at the cost of the lives of Oslo, Moscow, and Berlin. 

A year after the robbery, Raquel finds a series of postcards left by the professor, who wrote down the coordinates for a location in Palawan in the Philippines, where she reunites with him.

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Season 2: Parts 3 and 4 (2019–20)

Part 3 begins two to three years after the robbery at the Royal Mint of Spain, showing robbers enjoying their lives in various locations. However, when Europol catches Rio with an intercepted phone, the professor picks up Berlin's old plans to attack the Bank of Spain in order to force Europol to hand over Rio to stop his torture. 

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He and Raquel (going by "Lisbon") get the gang, including Monica (going by "Stockholm"), and enlist three new members: Bogota, Palermo and Marcel, with Palermo in charge. The flashback to the professor and Berlin outlines the planned new robbery and their various approaches to love. Disguised robbers enter a heavily guarded bank, take hostages and eventually gain access to gold and state secrets. 

Money Heist Season 5

At the same time, the professor and Lisbon travels in an RV and then an ambulance, communicating with the robbers and the police. A breach at the bank has been thwarted, with police led by Colonel Luis Tamayo and pregnant inspector Alicia Sierra to force the robbers to release Rio. Nairobi is seriously injured by a police shot of a sniper in the chest, and the police capture Lisbon. 

With another police attack on the incoming bank, and assuming that Lisbon has been killed by the police, Professor Palermo announces DEFCON 2 on radio and police. Part 3 ends with Lisbon being shown alive and in custody, and Tokyo reveals that the Professor was trapped in his own trap and that "the war had begun."

money heist season 5 in hindi

Part 4 begins with robbers saving Nairobi's life. While Tokyo stages a coup and takes over Palermo, the Professor and Marseille speculate that Lisbon must still be alive and are being interrogated by Sierra in a tent outside the bank. They persuade Tamayo's assistant, Antonenzus, to help them, and the professor can establish a 48-hour truce with the police. As the group manages to save Nairobi's life, the restrained Palermo creates chaos for the Bank of Spain to reestablish its order by collusion with Gandia, the restrained head of security. Gandia runs away, begins communication with the police from the terror room inside the bank, and participates in a violent cat-and-mouse game with the gang. Palermo recovers the group's trust and joins them. Gandia shot Nairobi in the head, killing him immediately, but was later taken back by the gang. 

As the police prepare for another attack on the bank, Professor exposes Rio's unlawful torture and Lisbon to the public. Due to this revelation, Sierra is expelled and begins to chase the professor on her own. After being transferred to the Supreme Court, the professor seeks outside help to free Lisbon. Part 4 concludes with joining the gang within the bank of Lisbon and Sierra find the professor's whereabouts and catches him at gunpoint.



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